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About Us

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     LuLu  is my nickname since I was 2 years old!… always having a passion for creating  and experimenting with things, with a love of science and not food, but  Oh boy did I love sweet treats, especially Lollipops!

     My first attempt at age 9 was making my own taffy at home in Brooklyn NY. I would wrap the taffy around a lollipop, Wow.. this was the greatest sugar high ever!

     After perfecting my taffy and going door to door selling to neighbors in my Brooklyn neighborhood, I knew I was on to something big!

     Years later, I took my creativeness and started making   chocolate molded lollipops , as well as any sweet treat that you could hold in your hand on a stick.

     In  2001 I started dipping pretzels rods  in chocolate , receiving rave reviews from family and friends. They loved the combination! Fast forward almost 10 years later with the help of my husband we decided to make Lulu's into a l profitable business!

     In 2013  Lulus Lollies became a licensed, inspected and Insured home based  business in Richmond VA, on occasion working on big orders from a commercial kitchen in the Richmond area.

     We offer decadent delights drenched in delectable chocolate and sprinkled with tantalizing toppings that can be easily held in your hand.  We specialize in perfection for your palette. We have Signature Collections of  treats for  Holidays, Weddings, Showers, Corporate Parties and Fundraising Events.


      If you want to take your upcoming event to the Next Level..Lulu's Lollies now creates "One of A Kind" custom Dessert and Sweet Tables



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