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WARM WEATHER SHIPPING POLICY: Between June 15th - September 15th . ALL PRODUCTS will be shipped with ice packs ($5 fee automatically built in to shipping cost for each order). We therefore strongly recommend selecting the 'Next Day Air' shipping option if shipping to an address outside of the Richmond VA If the 'Next Day Air' shipping option is NOT selected,


Lulus Lollies cannot be held responsible for melted products that arrive to a customer.  Please select the 'Ground' shipping option for local delivery.  Additionally, Lulus Lollies cannot be held responsible for any melted product when the shipment is not accepted at the time of delivery

Q. How should I store my product?
A. To maintain freshness and flavor, keep in a cool, dry place (ideal temperature, 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit) .Keep refrigerated. And keep away heat or direct sunlight for best quality. Do not freeze

Q. Do you take custom orders?
A. Yes. For corporate gifts and favors (wedding, baby shower, anniversary, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, etc.), we can customize the color of the chocolate, as well as the packaging i.e.: logos, corporate colors, or themes. Additional charges may apply. Contact us for more information.


Q. Do your products contain nuts?
A. Some products are made with products that contain nuts/peanuts, and since all s are made in the same facility, there is a chance that any of may contain traces of nuts/peanuts. If you are allergic, we recommend you not consume our product.
We apologize for this inconvenience, all our ingredient labels will say if it contains nuts. Please read before consuming.

Q. What if I place my order during the summer months or have it shipped it to warm climates?
A. When placing an order during the summer months (June 15th-Sept 15th ) or to warm climates (above 70 degrees Fahrenheit) all orders must be shipped with cold packs, for an additional charge of $5.95 and we highly recommend shipping via Next Day Air. Due to the delicate nature of the chocolate, if the customer chooses not to ship this way, Lulus Lollies cannot guarantee the shipment will arrive without melting.


Q. Do you provide pick up or delivery for local Richmond and surrounding area Residents?

A. Yes, Lulu’s Lollies provides delivery for all purchases that are within 25 miles of Lulu’s Lollies. Any delivery outside of the 25 miles will incur a flat rate of $45 delivery up to 60 miles.


Q. Are your Dessert/Sweet Tables available for local events?

A.  Yes, Lulu’s Lollies Dessert /Sweet Tables are available ONLY in the Richmond and surrounding  area. These beautiful tables can be customized for your special events.


Lulu's Lollies

Edible Works of Art



We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased has a quality defect that is not the result of the product having been left unattended upon arrival.


If you have received an item with a problem, please contact us at

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