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Gourmet Pretzels -Caramel- Happy Halloween Rods - 5pk

Gourmet Pretzels -Caramel- Happy Halloween Rods - 5pk

Lulu's Happy Halloween 4pk is a great Sweet and Salty treat  to indulge on Halloween Day! Our rods are perfectly dipped in caramel and chocolate ! We have the assorted 4 pk !You can get a 4 pk of each one shown.Or a 4pk rolled in a sweet orange cream fondant layer topped with a Halloween ghoul or Pumpkin Goblin,One tossed in assortment of  halloween festive sprinkles ,And we have  the Big Naked Twirl, wrapped in sweet chewy caramel and dipped in Milk Chocolate with NO Sprinkles!Each rod in our 4pk is individually wrapped for trick or treat giving !Net wt 4 oz
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