Cake Pop-Lulu's Classic- PartyPak-12

Cake Pop-Lulu's Classic- PartyPak-12

Lulu's Classic - Cake Pops are Simple and Delicious!
Choose your favorite flavor to Savor! 

Royal Red Velvet- Our best seller!
French Vanilla- Our classic wedding cake   flavor is simply delicious! 
Carrot Spice Cake- Infused with orange zest Cream Cheese!
Fudge Chocolate Espresso -Dipped in a Dark Truffle Espresso
Lemon Zest - Filled with fresh lemon curd! 

Crazy 4 Coconut- Coconut Cake Topped with flaky shredded coconut!

Net Wt 2.0 oz ea.
Classic Cake Pops- 12 pk

2018 @ Lulu Lollie's @ WIX  Design